Basics of Caricatures by Caricature Artist Pune

Basics of Caricatures

All caricatures start with a few basic shapes and arranging them in proportion to each other, as demonstrated in the picture below. Following this basic rule of making caricatures makes the art form simple and achievable.

A caricature artist should observe the different aspect ratios of faces and seek strong or identifiable features. A person’s nose may be prominent, or their cheekbones might be razor-sharp. Whatever the case, each person has a particular feature which is unique and distinguishes them from others. A good caricature artist understands and visualizes these features, interpreting them in a cartoon-style format. With training and practice, the artist learns how to arrange shapes in different manners to match facial features.

The basics of caricatures is not always restricted to the face. The body also plays an important aspect to interpret the story. The human body can be drawn in a simple, stick-like manner, as shown in the image above. By drawing and arranging basic shapes and connecting them with lines, you get a basic structure upon which you can build the drawing. You can then change the proportions of the body as per your character’s design.

Caricaturing like any art form or anything in the world takes practice, time and a lot of patience,but unlike other art forms this does not go down to detailing like portrait sketch. Its easy to draw a caricature than a portrait, but moreover you have to observe the person very well. Features of his face that looks odd, so that you can exaggerate.

His or her body language etc, my friend s say that I have a good hand but I say the only thing I do is read the person correctly.


The basics of caricatures is just a rough Idea on what is the art. After you have completed this blog, you need to read caricature tools- playing with shapes.

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