Caricature as a Profession

Caricature as a Profession.

History of Caricatures

While flipping the pages of the magazines, you might have encountered the visual representation of creativity in an exaggerated form.Which is indeed quite funny for the reason that their distinguishing features aren’t projected the way they are. Most of the readers use the word “cartoon” to address it, but to enlighten you, the right term for it is Caricature. The word “cartoon” is misleadingly considered as the popular synonym of caricature.

In fact Caricature in layman’s language can be defined as the fine piece of portrait art with the exaggeration of its features without distorting its distinguishing essentials. It was initiated for mutual enjoyment among the group back in time; however, the caricature has evolved as the artistic expression of sentiments and messages. It is now introduced as a subject in a few universities and colleges.

Caricature as a Profession?

One cannot ignore the scope of caricature considering the phase of its evolution from a closed group to public platforms with full-time job opportunities. People love this artistic portrayal after the celebrity caricature sketches went viral and are now searching for online caricature maker in India.

Not just that, the wedding caricature has redefined its definition, and people are considering caricature as an innovative gift. The scenario is that the wedding caricature artist is earning more than the corporate employee.

The intriguing it sounds to be, the more dedication and determination it requires switching caricature for your bread and butter.

Some important tips for you to take caricature as a profession.

• There is no denying that the caricature industry has been showing consistent growth, but to be the brand in the industry, you do need to through the following points. The points enumerated and discussed below throw lights on the key points that can give your direction towards your dream job.

• The fundamental principle for caricature is to master and hone your drawing skills. Your foundation will intensify your future, so you should work on the principles of exaggeration, resemblance, rectifying errors, and rendering your vision.

• Increase your horizons and challenge your imagination skills. Your mind should be free while portraying your thoughts. Even if it is offensive, don’t restrict yourself. You should dare to follow your instincts with an open mind.

• The beauty of imperfection makes it perfect. The caricature is an artistic expression, and you, as an artist, should strive for its excellence. You need to come up with your own style statement with your art, and for that, you need to keep practicing and keep drawing.

• Once you have explored and practiced enough, you can start working as a professional. You may not be able to get immediate success and intended results, but with consistent practice and working exposure, you will reach the level of people you admire.

There is no limit in the caricature industry. You can rise as high as your potential. The caricature is an artistic profession, and creativity has its own place in artistic professions, so you not only have to work on your drawing skills and fundamentals but also on the principles of resemblance, exaggeration, rectifying errors, and rendering your vision.

Consistent practice will lead you to excellence.

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