Digital and Handmade Color Caricatures

Who does not like cartoons? very few people I know of. When ever I do a live event, all of a sudden come and flock around me saying why is a person smiling and  what is the that man sketching. Yes, its the digital and handmade color caricatures that bring the curiosity.

People are stunned by the simplicity yet the details of how I draw a cartoon sketch.They ask me what is this, I reply a caricature.

Simply put a caricature is an exaggerated form of sketch of a person in a cartoon style.

Here is just a glimpse of what i do in the vast ocean of caricatures and caricature drawing.

Handmade caricatures

Handmade caricatures are very special as they have a very authentic feel of the brush and pen strokes and the feel of something in hard copy is very different, digital also can be printed no doubt, but the use of color and the style and texture do differentiate between handmade and digital.

Digital Caricatures

As technology has advanced so does the artist and his tools and these days its very popular among caricature artists to show caricatures being drawn on a tablet, which in general in events is shown on big screens,so as in to attract the audience.

Digital caricatures are easy to transfer as soft copy can be easily sent using email or other file sharing and social media apps.

In this gallery you will be able to see my work from so many year, scroll down and take a look, and if you do like it don’t forget to order one for yourself.

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