Drawing Made Easy- A book Review

Drawing Made Easy

The Author of the book.

Edwin George Lutz was an American artist and author. As an illustrator his contribution was immense, he contributed cartoons and human interest articles illustrated with drawings to several magazines and newspapers. Among his most famous work was Animated Cartoons (1920) and Drawing Made Easy (1921).

Most of his books were how to manuals dealing with art and drawing techniques.


His Work.

As an artist, illustrator, cartoonist he had a lot of success right from his early years. He had his illustrations monthly on newspapers and magazines. At, just the age of 32 he attended the school of sculpture and painting called Académie Julian in Paris, France.

He published over 17 books all how to manuals for various forms of art, drawing, painting, cartoon animation, lettering, cinematography.


About the book

Drawing Made Easy published back in 1921 still holds a lot of relevance today, it kept being published till the 1970s.

As an artist I must tell you I have never ever seen a book so simple yet so vast. There are close to 87 elements in the entire book, which consists of animals, flowers, trees, birds.

The author not only simplifies the method of drawing, but gives the right base to things

Let me tell you in the 18 years of my drawing and painting there were many ups and downs.

Majority of the time most of us who started off in the early days did not have the great support of technology we have today. The most common yet important things are the basics. Which I feel is greatly emphasized in the book. The author Edwin does not try to make everyone like him, but indeed makes the art of drawing accessible to all.

When I first started off it was not a big deal whatever you draw it’s an expression, no matter what ever technique you use its fine.

In my knowledge even what the art classes provided back in the day was not sufficient.

Say that even if you wanted to take drawing and painting as a profession you had to complete your higher schooling and pursue fine arts.

But when it comes to drawing it’s something that takes patience and calmness you cannot hurry.

In this aspect the book is a winner on how the technique should be practiced the tools necessary, everything in detail.

The best part about the book is how the simple geometrical instruments are used to create almost anything you have seen in this world.

The Introduction

The book starts off with the tools required and shows us the importance and emphasis of drawing.

From the clothes we wear, the house we live in, the car we drive all this that came to reality were first conceptualised on paper.

The first lesson believe it or not is making a curved line using a series of dots.

Yes can you imagine the first lesson? Where still today in some classes beginners are asked to draw a straight line free hand, which of course is not impossible but it takes a lot of time.

Here is where I feel the artist in Edwin G Lutz understood the lazy child.

Let me tell you many people are fond of drawing, but only very few draw. One of the main reason to this is that drawing surely does need a level of attention and focus but drawing also needs guidance.

Outstanding Feature of the Book

The difference with this book and the others that it firstly gets into the ease of getting a relevant shape drawn rather than teaching shading.

So say that you draw dots in any random pattern and you are asked to join the dots.Which you do quite easily you find a sense of accomplishment.

Generally that problem is with learning anything for that matter. That there should be the ease of the learner and sense of achievement along with it, without putting in much effort.

So the person who is learning reassures himself that there is a possibility that he/she can do it.

Moving on, the way he anthropomorphized many animals, toys, non-living things.In one way led to the beginning s of animation that you now see in movies.

No wonder why Walt Disney was inspired by him. Many of the characters you see in movies or comics are his ideas of thinking out of the box.

The Conclusion -Who is the book made for?

Frankly the book is made for everyone and anyone. Wherever in your life you think the skill of drawing might come to use in some point of your life you will definitely benefit from this.

Drawing Made Easy is beneficial to all designers, engineers, inventors, interior designers, architects.

It’s not that in the professional courses that you do to achieve the required level of qualification that they won’t teach you.

Instead you must read and put the things to practice in this book as it will give you the correct basics of drawing . If you learn and go through all the illustrations, let me guarantee you this you will surely have an upper hand in drawing.

If you develop drawing it helps you a lot mentally and spiritually. Drawing is a creativity and  meditation hand in hand.

Ultimately drawing is a skill and that is useful for life.

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