Famous Celebrity Caricatures

Famous Celebrity caricatures have always been trending, especially as a caricature artist in India, born in the land of legends, I have always been humbled and fascinated to make these legends  from various walks of life.

Caricatures of celebs wary from artists to artist on how each individual sees that impact on his life and how do they portray him, caricature is a comical  exaggeration, but the features to exaggerate are the artists choice.

Celebrity Caricatures -Merchandise for Fans

Yes guys you heard it right, I am talking about an entire range of new merchandise that will be launching soon and you will have all sorts of collectibles from wall laminates, cups,mugs,magnets,diaries,key chains,t shirts all which  will have caricatures of your favorite celebrity characters in caricatures.It will also be the best gifting options for friends with common interests.

Please scroll through this wonderful page and I hope you would love to get one caricature for your own.

For digital or handmade  color caricatures , the only requirement if two photographs smiling from front and side angles and we are good to go, same with group.

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