Live Digital Corporate Caricatures

Live Digital Corporate Caricature Live Digital Corporate Caricatures- make your office a fun place and your team fun loving people. What better way of appreciating your staff and team by giving them a wonderful unique gift caricature. Get them to do more by boosting their morale and confidence. Whether you are a team leader or [...]

Group Caricatures

Group Caricatures Group Caricatures are an amazing comical way to catch your office team, cousins or families together in one frame, all you need to do is send the photos of the individuals both front and side profile preferably smiling and ill make you guys one happy and funny family. So, if you are stranded [...]

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Live Caricatures/Live Caricature Artist

Live Caricatures/ Live Caricature Artist Live caricatures are a big crowd attraction and having an artist for your business expo, stall, or restaurants in the weekends or any events would make a your audience and customers come to you. A caricature artist brings a lot of life in the environment and its good for brand [...]

Black and White Caricatures

Black and White Caricatures "It does not matter if you are black or white", if you are someone who is just interested in basic lines and shades of gray and black strokes, this simple caricature might amaze you. For you black and white caricatures are the way to go. All you need to do is [...]

Paintings By Philip Mathew

Paintings  have always been something that I have been doing apart from caricatures its almost twenty plus years that I do paintings on all various forms, whether it be canvas, wall, fabric, poster, acrylic, oil paints I have done it all. They do not sell pretty instantly, but art is always appreciated by the people [...]

Weddings and Couple Caricatures

Weddings and Couple Caricatures Couples who are often celebrating their wedding anniversaries would often like to gift their spouse with a memory of their wedding. Often one of the spouse orders  for a couple caricature witch makes it memorable for them in the future.Couples who are going to get married.They often opt for a wedding [...]

Digital Art and Cartoon Illustrations

Digital Art and Cartoon Illustrations Digital Art and Cartoon Illustrations for any business, commercial,advertising, personal use. I can provide exact cartoon illustration and comic style illustrations you want. Generally they today use it in offices as art or as motivation for the team and it adds that extra morale to the workspace and extra boost [...]

Digital and Handmade Color Caricatures

Digital and Handmade Color Caricatures Who does not like cartoons? very few people I know of. When ever I do a live event, all of a sudden come and flock around me saying why is a person smiling and  what is the that man sketching. Yes, its the digital and handmade color caricatures that bring [...]

Famous Celebrity Caricatures by Indian Caricature Artist

Famous Celebrity Caricatures Famous Celebrity caricatures have always been trending, especially as a caricature artist in India, born in the land of legends, I have always been humbled and fascinated to make these legends  from various walks of life. Caricatures of celebs wary from artists to artist on how each individual sees that impact on his life [...]

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