History of Cartoon by Indian Caricature Artist

History of cartoon

Hey, everybody Its me Philip Mathew the Indian Caricature artist, in today’s blog let’s talk about how cartoon has evolved over the years.Let’s talk about the history of cartoon.

Ever remember your first cartoon that you ever saw, how old were you?

Have you ever wondered that in your young days all animals in the world could talk.

Remember those comic books that had colour cartoons of super heroes with huge faces and big arms.

Also if you are a 90s kid remember watching Tom and Jerry  and many more cartoons that were lines and colours moving have you ever wondered how drawings could move and if so who and how.

Cartoon- An illustration or series of illustration or a sequence of drawings that depict a caricature or humor.

It features images drawn in realistic or non-realistic style

Cartoons appear on various publications, such as newspapers, magazines, books, and comics.

Cartoons are also animated.

Where does the word cartoon come from?

History of cartoon “the beginning”Cartoon comes from the Italian word “Cartone” and the Dutch word karton which both mean a strong thick heavy paper. Earlier these were used as modello as they call it in Italian or samples in a small scale or a rough diagram of the actual image or painting or tapestry the artist were supposed to make.

They used cartoons as frescos to link it on plaster walls when it was damp.

Cartoons from time immemorial, from the Paleolithic age illustrations were used by ancient man as form of expression of their emotions.

Early artists like Leonardo  da Vince and Lorenzo Benini used caricatures to provide definite shape and features of their subject.

So, as time progressed mere lines turned into full-fledged images with characters.

Illustrations and Imaginations

Now finally came the time that all non-living things had Life. For example the movie cars, Thomas the Tank Engine and many more.

Animals also started to speak Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry.

The cartoon evolution is just an amazing process. It has given human imagination a wide spectrum and a huge sense of humor a freedom to explore the unreal and try end number of fiction.

All the dreams and fantasies now became realities because artist mastered the techniques of diagrams and objects and learnt lot how exaggeration can work wonders.

Messaging and the deeper meaning

Cartoons are not just mere lines, shades or color they have much deeper meaning to it. They were used back in the early 19th and 20th century to highlight political, economic or socio-political issues.

The editorial cartoons that you find in newspapers have different metaphors and caricatures to address the most complicated issue in a humorous manner.

These editorial cartoons thrive when there is social unrest and war as they are complex and dangerous situations.It’s therefore critical that these cartoonists address this issue. As they could depict the situation with metaphors.

Caricatures as they will not directly attack anyone but the people will understand and the ones who are the perpetrators of the issue will get offended.

Sometimes it could have the opposite reaction as to what happened in 2005 with Charlie Hebdo.


All in all from print, it finally went into motion where still illustrations were moved mechanically under light and an evolution in animation happened.

 Suddenly all the characters the cartoonists drew had come to life. Later on all the cartoons that were once in comic books became good scripts and perfect for story boarding to create motion picture.

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