Journey of a Caricature Artist

Journey of a Caricature Artist

Journey of a Caricature Artist where it all began.Initially it started off as a conventional artist trying to sell my paintings in exhibitions and art galleries. It was a moderately successful venture but not a sustainable life option.Due to the high costs of creating paintings as well as the price for the average middle-class consumer. I began looking for options to pursue my art in a new and sustainable avenue.

One day, a friend saw my paintings and suggested me to try my hand at caricatures. At first I was skeptical and had no idea how to go about it. Nonetheless, out of curiosity,gave it a go. Even though the first caricature took a long time to make, it was greatly appreciated.The early caricatures I did  were more like portraits and not like the present work.

Now, when I look back, I see how I’ve evolved as an artist and refined my skills in a painstaking way, over thousands of caricatures. Orders began coming in and commissioned work started increasing.

My Journey as a Caricature Artist Now

Today, I get orders for caricatures from all over the country with different requests, including birthday gifts, weddings and corporate events. Caricatures are popular in the entertainment and event industry.

Some of my notable work includes events for companies like Audi and Mercedes Benz, major restaurants in Pune like Carnival, Irish Village and Texas Towers and tons of wedding parties and corporate events.

So this was the Journey of the caricature artist so far.

I hope this article provides guidance to new and upcoming artists on how to pursue their career in the field of creating caricatures.

Thank you so much for reading the story of artist Philip Mathew!

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