Live Caricatures/ Live Caricature Artist

Live caricatures are a big crowd attraction and having an artist for your business expo, stall, or restaurants in the weekends or any events would make a your audience and customers come to you.

A caricature artist brings a lot of life in the environment and its good for brand promotion activities. Also, I have been working in some of Pune’s top end restaurants in the weekend’s.The response was amazing and more people started flocking in to these places.

Eventually all types of restaurants started hiring me for there evening hours. For restaurants it increases the foot fall as the customer gets more than eating and listening to music,a caricature artist could add more to the ambiance and vibe.

Moreover caricature services like live caricatures, digital caricatures, photo to caricature are hired by big and small multi-national companies.My services to improve their overall customer vibe and use it as a crowd attraction to come to their stalls.

Caricatures are not only a personalized and customized gift, they offer a whole new experience.Therefore,live caricatures are very unique experience to the customer and as a client he or she feels appreciated, for the fact that he or she is been given attention.

So if there is any social gathering all you need to do is just give me a call and all your customers, clients will be happy.

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