Black & White

The most well-known form of caricatures is the black & white form. It is created from the outline of the face structure and highlighted with darker shades. The final touches put life into the sketch, exaggerating key features of the person. Gift your loved ones the memorable gift of a black & white caricature!

Time duration: 10 to 15 minutes


  1. Place an order 2-3 days prior to the delivery date.
  2. The cost of a caricature is INR 300.
  3. The delivery charge for 1-10 caricatures is INR 300.
  4. A discounted price per caricature is possible for large orders.


Color caricatures are of two types: digital and physical.

Digital caricatures are created with artistic software tools and filled up with colors. Physical paintings are drawn by hand and colored with acrylic colors.

Time duration: 2–3 hours


  1. A caricature made on artist grade paper with acrylic colors costs INR 1500.
  2. A black & white caricature can be upgraded to a colored one by going digital. This is done by taking a high-resolution copy of the caricature and doing a digital coloring of it. This will cost an additional INR 1000.
  3. For digital coloring, you will get a hard copy of the black & white caricature and a digital copy of the colored one.

NAME: Philip Mathew
Mob: 9423581047, 07720966078
Address: C/501 Ganga Elika near Bishop School Undri Pune 411060

Besides caricatures, I also paint murals on walls for commercial and residential spaces, offer digital art and cartoons, sell merchandise, conduct art classes and can be hired for events.


I make various kinds of paintings for commercial and residential spaces. They are painted directly on the wall. The costing is subjective to the artwork.

Click on the gallery to see more.


Check out the various digital artworks, illustrations and cartoons I have created. These digital artworks can be used in animated films, t-shirts and merchandise. For the purpose of gifting, you can orders t-shirts, mugs and caps with your own custom designs. Prices will be as per quantity.


Gifting is a difficult mission. I am here for the rescue! Let your gifts speak your emotions and express your feelings. Personalize your gifts with custom designs on caricatures, digital artworks, t-shirt, mugs and caps. Pricing will be as per the quantity.


I take exclusive group classes and workshops for both adults and children.

Art classes for children between ages 5-18:

Basic Of Arts, Drawing Made Easy and Developing Creative Thinking Through Art.

Hobby classes for adults:

Structured Syllabus and Learning Material taught in a systematic manner.

Instructions: Classes are held once a week.


Making caricatures is a fantastic way to provide entertainment at any event. It engages people and makes them happy during the program and even after! Everyone takes home a permanent memory in the form of a caricature, encased in a beautiful wooden frame.

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