Talent vs. Technology – The War Within

Talent vs Technology- The war within.

Talent vs Technology – the war within- In the digital universe, when the world is witnessing the technological drift and evolution, leaving your benchmark in your respective business is quite a task.

We, as a person, often underestimate ourselves and question our own talent in the industry, considering the technological changes going on.

There have been a lot of buzzes all around the corner where technology is considered to be replacing humans in many of the activities, and this is why many of the individuals are tensed about their replacement.

But the question is, is technology the replacement of one’s talent as well? Is the years of your hard work and dedication is replaceable with machines running on predefined algorithms? Well, let’s find out.

Technology is undoubtedly making replacements of big times today and creating history, and the entire human race acknowledges this fact, but the maker behind these machines replacing the human workforce is itself a talented person. The technology was invented to make complicated things easier for humans, and therefore one can encounter with the technology in all sectors and segments of the world.

Algorithms are different-

From taking charge of highly complex calculations and heavy workload to a source of great entertainment, technology is ruling the world today. A new innovation in technology can be recorded every hour is a unique gift to humankind, but no one ever thought of gift as a replacement of the workforce.
From a corporate perspective, global organizations and leaders do promote their staff to learn and master new technology, but one thing should always be kept in mind that it is the talent of an individual only that the person is able to learn a new thing and becomes its master with consistent practice. Considering the caricature artist, he will study your distinguishing features and your face before you witness his flair in creating an exaggerated version of you. But the case will not be the same with technology.

Based on algorithms and fed instructions, the machine will deliver you a caricature lacking the essence of personal touch. While the world is witnessing the robots serving as a human, even they need a human master to look after the programming. It won’t be wrong to say that technology is the creation of talent.

But neglecting the essence of technology and the contribution it has made in the world won’t change the truth. The technology was invented to assist humans in their working, but technology has given much more than work pleasure. It has allowed one to take up the highly complex task and finish it within a few minutes that too, with accuracy and efficiency. One can’t deny acknowledging that, technology has made humankind smarter It would be a complete injustice to state that it is only the talent that matters.

Technology only complements-

In this dynamic and uncertain world, one does need technology to even penetrate in to the industry. Even if your talent is a personalized skill like that of a singer, you do need instruments and tools to look after the technicalities of your song and voice before releasing your song in the market.

It would be right to say that both talent and technology have their own place in the market. Talent does need technology to reach masses, and technology needs the talent to stay updated than becoming obsolete. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages, so the comparison isn’t the right answer.

After CodePlateau, I was provided an opportunity to use my skills in yet another IT company in Pune. Situated in the Jain IT Park at Paud Road, DBS invited me for a promotional event. Since they wanted the day to be special, they included some unique and novel activities for the employees, including caricatures. I was invited to add to the excitement and put a smile on their faces.

At DBS, I sat in one of their rooms, surrounded by their employees. They curiously watched me sketch the caricatures easily and in a short time. Many were new to the concept of caricatures and had never gotten sketched before. All the participants were really excited and enjoyed being transformed into unique, exaggerated avatars on paper.

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